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Storms leave Texas panhandle residents reeling

Amarillo, TX - Now that the severe weather has died down, area residents are left cleaning up the damage.

The Amarillo Police Department says emergency responders are out around town assessing the damage left by the storm.

Overnight there were reports of street flooding, hail damage to cars and houses, downed power lines and general debris on some of the roadways.

The area hit the hardest was 45th and Soncy.

A more detailed observation will be provided to us Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities say there were around four to six stranded motorists who needed assistance due to rising flood waters.

We're also told that there were several one vehicle wrecks, due to hail on the road, which caused them to skid into guardrails and curbs.

There have been no reports of major injuries or deaths.

With hail still piled up in some areas, you're urged to drive with caution.

There are also several traffic lights that are out or flashing, so police are asking you to pay attention to the road.

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