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Local ceremonies honor fallen soldiers

Amarillo, TX - Memorial Day is a time to remember the freedoms we have as Americans - and the high price of those freedoms.

Throughout our nation's history, the American way of life has been threatened by many forces - and the bravest among us are still sacrificing all they have - including their very lives - to protect it.  And a commemoration ceremony this afternoon (May 27) remembered one of our own.

Genaro Bedoy was a River Road graduate who was killed in Afghanistan in September of last year.  Bedoy's mother Beronica says although the pain of losing her child will always be with her, she takes comfort in the knowledge that he sacrificed himself for his countrymen.

And since our country was founded, individual liberty has been one of the most important tenets of our constitution.

"It's our freedom of speech, our freedom to assemble, our freedom to even speak against our government if we choose to do so," says Norman R. Bearden, commander of VFW Post 430 in Canyon, "It's that freedom that I'm most grateful for."

Our freedom comes at the expense of American lives, however, and the fight to keep our nation free is ongoing and neverending.

And Bedoy says that perpetual fight must always be kept in mind, saying, "We must remember the soldiers that gave their lives for us, for their country, and always remember they are fighting to save our nation."

Almost 5,000 American service members gave their lives in Iraq, and so far, more than 3,000 more have been killed in Afghanistan.

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