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Our community lending a hand to tornado victims in Shawnee

Shawnee, OK - With so many people trying to help the residents of Moore, Oklahoma many other tornado victims say they were overlooked.

A NewsChannel 10 crew followed a local organization on their mission to lend a hand.

It started out as a disaster relief effort for Moore but that mission changed midway through.

"We're loaded up, about ready to go and we're headed to Shawnee," says Rachelle Ford Rice, Twist A Wish organization.

A community that had been forgotten in the midst of continuous tragedy.

But once our community helped spread the word, donations that overwhelmed Moore were redirected to those who still needed them.

"Pickaxes, pitchforks, hand tools, hand saws...these are all items that we need. Most items we've got plenty of. We've got a hundred packages of toilet paper out there," says Assistant Chief Jimmy Blair, Slaughterville Fire Department.

With so many life-changing moments for the residents of Shawnee, the Twist A Wish organization wanted to make sure at least one moment gave them the strength to carry on.

"One of the churches was taking monetary donations and we told them we didn't want to do that. So what we did is got gift cards and we thought we would just come hand them out," says Jimmy Howard, Twist A Wish organization.

"It's tremendously humbling, I don't get choked up a whole lot but people have been awesome," says Maurice Franklin, Shawnee tornado victim.

An act of kindness from Amarillo, the city Maurice Franklin once called home.

He's been living in Shawnee for 18 years now.

Franklin's home was severely damaged. The exterior walls were ripped off by the EF4 tornado Sunday.

Residents say they are just trying to salvage whatever is left.

"I may have been in shock but I didn't feel any remorse or anything like that; I was just so grateful that my family was safe," says Maurice Franklin, Shawnee tornado victim.

He says this was their storm but one day there will be another and when that day comes, the people of Shawnee will be there to help.

"You continue to thank God, you count up your losses and you'll find that your blessings outweigh your losses. You just have to move on," says Maurice Franklin, Shawnee tornado victim.

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