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Amarillo activists protest as they 'March Against Monsanto'

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Protests against seed giant Monsanto were underway all day Saturday across the country and around the world, including right here in Amarillo.

Early Saturday afternoon, local activists walked in the "March Against Monsanto" in Amarillo starting at the Nat Ballroom. The group of about 25 was among tens of thousands protesting against the genetically modified food Monsanto produces. Organizers Saturday hoped to encourage others to join to movement against Monsanto and the risks they feel it poses to humans and the environment.

"There is research showing that Monsanto's genetically modified foods could be carcinogenic, short life expectancy," said one activist Rusty Tomlinson. "There are a number of countries around the world who have banned Monsanto's products such as Poland and China."

Activists have pushed for mandatory labeling, however, many scientists and the federal government have said the technology is safe.