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Former U.S. President gives Amarillo couple unique wedding gift

Married at the ages of 85 and 72, Larry and Yolanda Touchon aren't your typical newlywed couple.  So it's only fitting their wedding and honeymoon ended with a gift that was anything but expected.

It's been just over a month since Larry Touchon decided to take Yolanda as his wife in a whirlwind of a decision in Las Vegas.

"We stopped in Las Vegas at a little white chapel, marriage chapel and got married there," said Larry.

After contributing money to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum for years, the Touchon's deemed it perfect for their honeymoon location. But when the Dallas Morning News caught wind of the couple's story, these newlywed's quickly became news.

"The story got out that this 85-year-old guy and this 72-year-old lady got married and we're celebrating our honeymoon with George Bush," laughed Larry.

It wasn't long after that, they heard from George W. himself. A personally signed letter and gold medallion from the former U.S. President was waiting for them when they got home.

"Congratulations on your wedding," Larry read from the letter. "I understand that you celebrated your honeymoon in Dallas and stopped by the George W. Bush Presidential Center on opening day. You just don't get a presidential letter this nice and it was just pretty exciting."

So exciting, copies of the memorabilia fill a wall in their home until the original's can be framed.

"We decided to make it a pretty large frame and have everything in one place," added Yolanda. "It's an honor, a big honor that a former President of the United States bothered to write a littler for a little old couple that just were thrilled to death to be there with him."

Newlyweds, thrilled to be starting their new lives together, with an experience and memory that will last a lifetime.

"May God bless you," Larry read from the end of the letter. "Sincerely, George W. Bush."

The Touchon's were actually the first senior citizens to tour the new library and they've been invited back next week to celebrate a picture of them being added to the library's archives.

Larry and Yolanda also plan to have a more traditional Catholic wedding ceremony later this year in Amarillo.

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