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AISD students will have class Memorial Day

Many local parents are telling us they're upset because they do not want their children to go to school on Memorial Day.

Some parents say out of respect students should not have to go to school this upcoming holiday, others say it'll ruin their vacation plans. The Amarillo Independent School District says they have decided to hold normal classes on Memorial Day to make up for a snow day.

Emma Webster has children attending AISD Schools. She says, "We had plans probably back in January for my son's baseball tournament already planned out. So we'll be missing anyway."

AISD says they have a committee of parents, teachers, and staff review the school calendar about a year and a half in advance, and they had decided Memorial Day would be one of the best options for a snow day.

Communications Director with AISD Holly Shelton says, "Back in February, we got a lot of snow, and we had some blizzard-like conditions with the wind and freezing temperatures. And so we used our snow days that were already built into the calendar. So essentially one of those snow days was on Memorial Day so we'll be in class this Monday."

This is not something new. Shelton says, "We have historically, as a school district, had snow days on Memorial Day before. So this isn't exactly new for AISD. There was even a year, maybe about five years ago, where students didn't have Labor Day off because of calendar situations."

Also, state law requires them to start on the 4th Monday in August, and over the last two years, that Monday has been falling later in the month on the calendar. So they've had to push the end of school to the first week of June.

Shelton says, "Because of that push back in August, that makes the calendar committee's job delicate, sometimes difficult, when determining where to put the off days. You know, for Christmas Break and Spring Break as well as where to put those two snow days."

Students will be released early this Friday for the holiday weekend. The committee had built it in as a half-day along with the snow day for Memorial Day.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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