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Veteran's resumes keeping them from jobs

Amarillo, Texas - Many veterans still struggle to find jobs. We're told by employers, many veterans are more than qualified for job positions they are applying for. But, their resume's don't always describe that.

"The problem is is vets don't know. They have no idea," Marshall Green, Veterans Employment Representative says.

Green works with military veterans on a daily basis building their resumes and assisting them in finding jobs. Many resumes are filled with military speak that civilians don't understand.

"We all know they don't look at a resume very long. You know usually you'll talk to them and they'll say 15 seconds, 30 seconds. If it's a lot of military talk and military speak and they don't understand, they don't take the time to go and decipher what that says. They don't understand it, they pass it on," Green says.

But there are tools to help veterans to better adjust into the civilian workforce. The Home Depot, who actively hires veterans, offers a military skills translator on their website.

"It actually takes their unique skills that they're putting into their resume and matches them up with jobs that may be suited for them in The Home Depot store. So that's a great way of matching up their skill set with what we're looking for as well," Mitch Rusk, The Home Depot store manager says.

Other military skills translation services are also offered. Green helps vets use an online data base where they enter their military positions and it gives them descriptions of their jobs civilians better understand.

"It's hugely important for veterans to get into this kind of a site and be able to change that information into terminology that the average hr representative is going to understand when they look at it," Green says.

Military Skills translators can be found at,

The Home Depot's military support services can be found at,


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