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Allowing gay boy scouts controversy

Former Boy Scouts are biking hundreds of miles supporting gays to be allowed in the program.

The father and son biking 18 hundred miles from Idaho to Irving, Texas made a stop in Amarillo. They're going to the Boy Scouts Headquarters next week campaigning "Silent No More". That's as the national council takes a vote next Thursday on the proposal to allow gay boys in the program.

Dave McGrath says, "As my kids became old enough to join me with scouts, my oldest son came out. And he said he was gay."

Dave's twin brother and son had to drop out of the program because they're gay. He says as described by leaders in the corporation if the change is approved, it'll be like 'don't ask, don't tell.

Dave's son Joe joined the army around the time this policy was repealed. Joe says, "So far, I haven't seen any operational downside to the repeal. And I really believe that Boy Scouts could learn from this."

Dave tried speaking with the local scout executive today, but he says he won't make any comment until the vote is taken next week.

The Golden Spread Boy Scouts says they oppose any change to the current Boy Scouts membership standards, which ban openly gay individuals. They provided the results of a local survey, indicating 85% of charter partners, leaders and parents support current standards, for a recent nationwide boy scouts survey.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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