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Area cyclists honor lives lost to motorists in Ride of Silence

As the weather warms and more cyclists hit the roads, groups like Share the Road and Tascosa Cycling continue to spread their message of roadway safety as three local bicyclists have been killed by a motorists in the past year.

Wednesday evening, hundreds of bicyclists rode in the Amarillo Ride of Silence where all that was heard was the sound of spinning spokes and muffled cries.

"David was killed when we were struck by motorists while riding our bicycles on I-40 frontage roads near Arnot road," said Anna Isom, a survivor of a tragic accident that she's still recovering from to this day.

Isom may have lived to tell her story, but her husband did not.

"That's what remains," Isom said as she pointed to her and her husband's mangled bicycles behind her. "That was very hard for me to see when I approached but it packs a powerful message."

A message of remembrance for the dozens of cyclists who have been killed by motorists over the years and a pleading message of caution to drivers on the roads.

"I'm hoping that the people watching will pay attention," added Isom. "Just be aware."

"We bicyclists need to respect the same traffic laws and signals," continued Kenneth Graham, President of Share the Road. "But we ask motorists to be patient with us."

In the 9th year for the event, the Ride of Silence has grown to be bigger than ever with hundreds of cyclists riding in remembrance this year.

"It's a blessing," said Isom. "I know David is smiling up in heaven knowing there's this much support."

Riding in silence, but speaking in volumes.

"If it can save one life, it's worth every second and David would say the same thing," she said.

The Ride of Silence is a worldwide event and just Wednesday night, Amarillo was one of 350 cities around the globe hosting the memorial ride.

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