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New law to keep TxDOT workers safer

Amarillo, Texas - Since 1938 more than 100 TxDOT workers have been killed while on the job.

Texas drivers currently have to move over for emergency vehicles. Now, Governor Rick Perry recently signed a bill into law requiring Texas drivers to move over and slow down for TxDOT workers as well.

"Safety is number one with TxDOT. It's our top priority and to be able to have a law that recognizes the fact that our workers are out there, too, and putting their lives on the line every day, and asking the public to help them out and move over, we couldn't ask for anything more than that," Paul Braun, TxDOT Spokesman says.

If drivers are unable to switch lanes, they must go 20 miles under the posted speed limit while passing a working crew.

"It was at I-40 and Paramount one night and a gentleman came through, I don't know if he's not paying attention or on his cell phone or whatever it was, but he ended up clipping the back end of my truck," Al York, TxDOT Equipment Operator says.

York isn't the only one whose had a close call.

"I was driving what's called an attenuator, it has a long thing in the back that's kind of like a cushion. A lady, she ran into it. It was real eye opening for me. It was very frightening myself," David King, TxDOT employee says.

Although both King and York were not injured, they say this law has been needed for a long time.

We asked King what was the most dangerous part of his job...

"Out there. Out there," King says.

You could face a $500 fine if you are caught violating the law which goes into effect September 1, 2013. 

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