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New Orleans police looking for gunmen

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New Orleans, LA - New Orleans police are vowing to swiftly track down the gunmen who opened fire at a Mother's Day parade.

Authorities are reviewing surveillance video, questioning witnesses and collecting evidence.

Nearly 400 people were at the two block long second-line parade on Sunday when shots rang out.

19 people were injured about 1.5 miles from the heart of the French Quarter.

A second-line parade is when a brass band plays while marching in the streets and a "second line" of people follow them dancing.

It's an old tradition in Louisiana.

Police confirm at least three people are seriously wounded.

The others are listed in non life threatening condition.

It is still unclear whether specific people in the parade were targeted, or if the shots were fired at random.

The FBI in New Orleans says they have no indication the shooting was an act of terrorism.

This is not the first shooting at a parade and neighborhood celebration.

In January, police said a feud resulted in a drive-by shooting that wounded five people about 30 minutes after a parade had passed by on Martin Luther King Jr. Day.