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Amarillo tourism company reaches out to international tourists

Several tourist hot spots in Amarillo spent the last several days celebrating National Tourism Week.

Cowgirls & Cowboys in the West is a western heritage tourism company that provides Texas history to tourists on horseback. But they're not just targeting folks in the states. They recently partnered with a China-based tour and travel web site,, to help attract international tourists. A partnership that will expose their business to Asia and expose international travelers to the uniqueness of Amarillo. What makes this partnership even more special is that Cowgirls & Cowboys in the West in the first business to partner with the web site in all of North America, making Amarillo the first and only destination listed on the sites map, at least for now.

"We are bringing on other partners throughout the United States but we are the first," said owner of Cowgirls & Cowboys in the West Phyllis Payne. "So when you look at and you look at their map, there's one place that's posted - it's Amarillo, Texas."

Through Trekiz, tourists in Asia will have the chance to book flights and tours at tourist spots right here in Amarillo, like horseback rides through Cowgirls and Cowboys in the West or even on old Route 66. But, Payne says, the partnership is still in it's infancy stages and it will probably be a few more years before Amarillo really sees an impact from this group of international travelers.

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