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Candidates for Amarillo Mayor

Paul Harpole Paul Harpole
Terry Baughman Terry Baughman

NewsChannel 10 spoke with both candidates running for Amarillo Mayor in this Saturday's race. Here's insight into both of their plans if elected.

62 year-old incumbent Mayor Paul Harpole has lived in Amarillo for over 30 years. He graduated from the University of New Mexico with a degree in business.

Harpole's opponent, 32 year-old Terry Baughman, has lived in Amarillo his whole life and is currently an assistant manager at Walgreens.

Here are some issues each candidate considers important. Harpole believes the city needs to continue cleaning up the graffiti on buildings, and trying to build a major hotel, parking garage and ball park to boost the city's economy. He says, "We'll see an increase. Not just in the property values, but an increase in use. More families, there's other things planned, parks."

Baughman says it's not just downtown that needs to be worked on, there's still parts of Amarillo that do not have sidewalks. Also, he wants to make Amarillo Boulevard and 6th street more presentable. Baughman says, "From my hotel previous experience, they want to go down on 6th street. Because it's old Route 66. And then they'll come back to the hotel, and they'll be like 'Oh', you know, just, you know, they really seem disappointed in the way it looks."

As far as school bonds, both say they're in favor of the security of children. These are their thoughts on improving water conservation. Harpole says, "I support, for instance, the growth of reservoirs in South Texas because that's the only way they can really grow. If they don't get those reservoirs, I don't want them coming after water that we own."

Baughman believes instead of waiting, Amarillo should already begin watering on certain weekdays only.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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