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City of Amarillo kicks off "Every Drop Counts" campaign

Amarillo, TX - Water conservation has become a mantra in the U.S. as drought conditions persist across much of the Great Plains.  In fact, the entire Texas Panhandle is still considered to be under severe to extreme drought conditions.

And in that vein, the city kicked off this year's "Every Drop Counts" campaign, with an update on the state of our local water supply and how we can extend its life.

Amarillo gets about 94 percent of its water from the Ogallala Aquifer, which has been steadily dropping for decades.  And while most of our water use in the panhandle is agricultural, we can collectively keep water here longer through simple behavior changes.

"Tiny little things make a big difference in how we can help the conservation efforts," says City Commissioner Lilia Escajeda.  "I don't want us to ever go to a mandatory kind of thing; if people will just voluntarily do what they know is common sense - to do the right thing."

Amarillo is under a voluntary even-odd lawn watering system, and the city offers rebates for rainwater catchment and water-efficient sprinkler installations.  This year's plan also encourages local restaurants to only serve water on request, which is current policy in other Texas cities like Dallas and Austin.

Yesterday, Amarillo used a total of about 48 million gallons of water, just under the city's goal of 52 million.  But with rising temperatures and summer just around the corner, staying under that goal could present a challenge.

If you'd like to see Amarillo's latest water quality report or a few conservation tips you can use, follow the links attached to this story.

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