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Possible increased security in Special Education classrooms

Texas - Lawmakers could become one step closer to monitoring thousands of teachers in Texas.

This is all in an effort to protect special education students from abuse.

Tuesday the House Public Education Committee will vote on whether to place video cameras in special education classrooms.

This legislation is being supported by dozens of parents who say their child was beaten in class.

The Senate has already passed the bill and says it would not only provide evidence of abuse but also protect teachers from false accusations.

But there is one big concern; there is no state funding for the cameras so school districts would have to pay the cost.

To put a camera in every special education classroom statewide it would cost at minimum, around $2.2 million.

There would be additional costs for installation and maintenance of the cameras.

The legislative budget board says there are more than 73,000 special education students in Texas.

There are over 3,000 in Potter County and over 800 in Randall County.

Thousands of public and private school students across the country are restrained or secluded.

A large portion involve children with disabilities and in some cases have led to death or injury.

Texas is one of two states that collects self-reported information from school officials on the use of these methods.

A report by the Government Accountability Office released back in 2009 shows Texas public school officials restrained over 4,000 students more than 18,000 times during the September 2007 through June 2008 academic year.

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