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Mac Thornberry talks Syria

AMARILLO - The two year civil war in Syria is a main concern on U.S. House Armed Forces Committee Member Mac Thornberry's mind.

"Syria is the most dangerous place in the world right now," Thornberry said.

Thornberry told NewsChannel 10 Thursday that the Syrian government is using chemical warfare against their own people. Something President Obama has openly stated would be crossing a red line.

Obama says he will not take any action until reports are confirmed.

"It's hard to know what to do in Syria, I admit that absolutely. But it is really a mistake for the president to say I'm going to do something and then not do it because that means nobody's ever going to believe anything he ever says in the future. That makes the world more dangerous," Thornberry said.

The fear that the across the board spending cuts that went into effect earlier this year would affect defense is something Thornberry says congress will prevent, just like they did with the air traffic controller furloughs.

The Armed Forces and Intelligence committees will start work next week to guarantee the defense budget is solid next year, so the nation will be prepared for possible threats from Syria.

"One of the nightmare scenarios here is that Syria fragments into a bunch of little enclaves and some of those enclaves are controlled by terrorists, some of those enclaves have chemical weapons in them that then the terrorists have that they can use against us and Europe and elsewhere," Thornberry said.

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