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Dozens of Texas facilities store ammonium nitrate

Texas - Records show that one of two facilities storing the most amount of ammonium nitrate is right here in the Texas panhandle.

That's the chemical that experts had once thought may have triggered the deadly West explosion.

The name of the facility in the panhandle is not being released at this time but we do know that they reported at least having as much ammonium nitrate that the West Fertilizer Plant reported having last year; which is more than 500,000 pounds.

Records filed with the Texas Department of State Health Services show 112 facilities in Texas have reported having stores of ammonium nitrate or ammonium nitrate based chemicals.

Records also show that at least 44 of those facilities have large stores of ammonium nitrate; of at least 10,000 pounds.

21 of the 44 businesses were in counties with more than 100,000 residents.

Nine Texas facilities were in counties with populations of more than 400,000.  

The records released by the state reflect only information that companies self-reported.

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