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Area dairy farmers reinvent milk with new protein shake

HARTLEY - A new protein drink will appear on store shelves in the panhandle this week. It's a product twenty years in the making for 92 area dairy farmers.

Core Power is different from competing brands because there is no powder involved and it's made with real milk from real cows.

Milk is money for hundreds of families in the panhandle, but sales have steadily declined over the past few decades.

"We needed to develop products that are going to keep people drinking milk through their entire life," Northside Dairy farmer Willy DuJong said.

Core Power is one of their solutions to boosting milk sales.

It's a protein drink with simple, natural ingredients; 99 percent milk, some cane sugar, but no lactose, no glucose, and no soy.

"We are pulling out some of the components that are undesirable in some people's diets," DuJong said.

The patented process 20 years in the making is much like the reverse osmosis used to filter impurities out of water.

Core Power is the first but not the only product that Fair Oaks Farms will release using the reinvented milk.

"Some of the products on the horizon are even some of the Greek yogurts. We can take these and reverse osmosis that milk and turn that into a Greek yogurt or other products like that," DuJong said.

It's a new science that panhandle dairy families hope will keep their cows busy and making money.

"It's a team effort, I mean as dairymen we have a board and we have some people that we appoint to research. We have our own lab where we've got people working on product development, and test trials, and they do marketing tests, and it's all outside the dairy," Double S Dairies farmer Joost Smulders said.

Core Power will be able on United and Albertson's store shelves this week.

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