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New availability for morning after pill

Amarillo, Texas - Young girls will soon have more access to emergency contraceptives.

Girls as young at 15 years-old will soon be able to purchase the morning after pill without a prescription. The FDA announced it has approved Plan B One Step to be sold in the retail aisle, and has reduced the age requirement.

But, we found out, not all pharmacies in our area currently carry the product. We spoke with Remedies and other locally owned pharmacies, they all say they do not carry the product due to the lack of demand in their stores.

We also talked with a pharmacist at one of the Walmart stores in Amarillo, who says they're currently out of stock of Plan B, but next week it will be available on their store shelves for customers.

We asked residents on NewsChannel 10's Facebook page what they think of the FDA's decision, and the responses we received were mixed. Some say it promotes promiscuity among teens, and other say it will help put a dent in the already high teenage pregnancy rates.

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