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Water conservation efforts

Water conservation continues to be a pressing issue in the Panhandle.

Just this year, Amarillo alone has already used 4 billion gallons of water which has city officials thinking about the future water supply. Emmett Autry, the Amarillo Director of Utilities, says right now we are doing alright, but water conservation is about what will be available in the future.

FirstBank Southwest is building a new branch at the intersection of Southwest 45th Avenue and Teckla Boulevard. Since day one of construction, creating a building that helps conserve water has been a main priority.

Special pavers that allow water drainage, and a system that collects water are just a few things the company is doing to make sure water will be saved. When complete, it is expected that nearly 99 percent of rain water will be captured and reused.

President and CEO of the bank, Smith Ellis, says creating a building like this is the right thing to do and although the cost might be more upfront, the long term benefits are worth it.


Colleen Nelson, NewsChannel 10.

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