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Spring time scammers targeting homeowners

Amarillo, Texas - Scammers are targeting homeowners making spring home improvements.

Spring flowers are blooming, and so are scams targeting homeowners. Amarillo Police tell us most commonly this time of year, scammers go door to door offering tree trimming and other landscape services. Money is demanded up front for services.

Although it may seem like a good bargain on that tree you've been complaining about, many cases have been reported where the workers said they had to go get equipment and then never returned to do the job.

But, local landscaping companies we spoke with say there are ways to protect yourself from falling victim.

"I say certifications, insurances, tax identification numbers, Better Business Bureau accreditations, and there's a number of things you can do to actually protect yourself instead of... you know don't let someone pressure you into a situation. Ask for references, make the phone calls necessary to protect yourself," Mike Davis, Discount Lawn and Tree says.

Most legitimate companies will not knock on your door looking for business.

Davis says these door to door businesses hurt the industry, not only the ones who scam customers out of money, but the ones who do poor jobs.

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