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Texas Veterans Commission works to 'Beat the VA Backlog'

Since 2010, the number of backlogged disability claims for Texas veterans has more than doubled, and those wait times only continue to increase.

Saturday, the Texas Veterans Commission was working to fight that backlog at an event held  in Amarillo. Some 70 veterans came out to the TVC's "Beating the VA Backlog" event Saturday. Officials with the Texas Veterans Commission say it's important for them to reach out to rural areas in Texas, because many times, it's in places like Amarillo that many deserving veteran's don't know how to access their benefits.

"Take the time, explain the VA process, explain what information that the veteran needs to provide to the VA to get his or her claims processed in a timely manner," explained Alfred Patterson with the Texas Veterans Commission.

Since these TVC Strike Force Teams were authorized back in July, they've already helped more than 14,000 veterans with their backlogged claims and given more than 4,000 cases to the VA for action.

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