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Residents reaction to neighborhood standoff

Police have revealed the name of the man suspected of several burglaries causing a day long police standoff in Southwest Amarillo this week.

Nick Taylor is a victim of one of these burglaries. He says, "It was pretty obvious that the suspect had gone through certain parts of the house. There were drawers open, furniture was moved. There were some cabinets that looked like they had been tampered with. And things were in disorder." Nick says he lives with his wife and kids a few houses down and across the alley from the home the suspect had barricaded himself inside of.

27 year old Cameron Denton of Amarillo is now behind bars facing Burglary of a Habitation and Criminal Trespass charges. Nick's home is among the houses Denton is suspected of burglarizing. Nick says personal electronics and jewelry went missing.

Nick says, "Pocket watches and things that our grandfathers had. Pocket knives that were antique, pocket knives that we had. And then some items that I had purchased for my wife when we first got married." They were also missing their dog Lola.

I was actually interviewing Nick when his wife came in saying a neighbor turned her in. He says, "I was very concerned about the dog sleeping outside in the cold last night. But apparently she was a little tougher than I realized. But I'm glad she's home."

We also looked into Denton's criminal records in Potter County which show he was indicted for several offenses this year including Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle and Burglary of a Building.

Amarillo's City Attorney says depending on details and whether a claim is made, the case of the owner of the home Denton barricaded himself in, will be reviewed.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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