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More area residents taking allergy shots

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More area residents are suffering from allergies, and it's causing them to turn to shots for relief.

For many the sneezing, drainage, and congestion is being helped by allergy shots. Local clinics say dozens of area residents are coming in every week.

Holly Jeffreys is a Nurse Practitioner with Family Care Clinic of Panhandle. She says, "Several more patients are coming in and asking to be tested as well as realizing they have allergies. And wanting treatment for those allergies. "

Monica Bonner is a Certified Allergy Specialist with the clinic. Bonner says, "The pollen count is a lot higher now because of the different weather changes. We go from extreme cold weather to hot weather. Therefore, it suspends the pollen airborne count which are your grasses, and your weeds, and trees. Takes a little bit longer for them to come out."

They're seeing more than 10 new patients a week. Bonner says if there's something they test positive for, they can avoid it and then try to treat the rest.

Some are taught to do injections from home. Allergens are introduced into the body, gradually making it immune to them. But they say allergies are becoming worse in the area throughout the years because of the extreme weather we've been experiencing.

Bonner says, "They're a lot worse actually. Since it's so dry here. There's hardly any moisture. We have a lot of patients coming in, itchy eyes, watery eyes, congestion, sneezing, coughing. Even people that haven't had allergies before. They were younger, they've never had allergies, now their allergies are really bad."

Studies show about 85% of people who receive allergy shots are seeing a significant reduction in symptoms. Jeffreys says, "Once they start the treatments, that they get some relief of symptoms as well as start improving. Time will tell more as it goes on, and their treatment is more effective."

As far as allergies being more predominant in one age group, local nurses say they're not seeing a trend. Patients from babies to the elderly are coming in with allergies.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.