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Community event security after Boston bombing

Amarillo, Texas - Many are concerned about their safety at upcoming local events after the Boston marathon bombing.

The investigation into Monday's Boston marathon bombing continues. And as community events like next week's March of Dimes walk come up, many people are questioning their safety. March of Dimes walk chairman, Charles Leard, says everyone in attendance at their event will have nothing to worry about.

The Randall County Sheriff Department will have a presence at the event. Sheriff Joel Richardson tells us they have provided security for this event for many years. He says those in attendance should feel secure.

"I don't think that Amarillo, Texas is a huge target for activities as what happened in Boston yesterday... But at the same time, we still have to be cognoscente of some of the recent things that have transpired in the United States. And we have to take control of and have a presence at any of the large gatherings or large events," Richardson says.

Sheriff Richardson says when we change our lives, terrorist have won.

The March of Dimes event is still open for registration to anyone interesting in taking part.

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