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Brighter futures for area students

Business professionals are volunteering to help hundreds more area students this year realize their dreams.

There are about four times as many students in line this year, compared to just a few years ago, for brighter futures with the help of junior achievement.

President of High Plains Junior Achievement Board of Directors Smith Ellis says, "We had 450 kids the first year. We'll have over 2,000 this year. And that's a little over four years is that we've been able to accomplish that." Amarillo Independent School District Superintendent Rod Schroder says, "The volunteers in this organization going into our classes give our students a chance to see a real professional, and what they do."

Volunteers are going to schools in Amarillo, Tulia and Booker. They explain their job, how to write checks, manage their budget, credit scores, as well as how to a choose a college and career.

AISD Student Today Chea says, "I really didn't know what I was going to do with my life after high school. But when the Junior Achievement guy came in and talked to us, I started realizing there was more I could do. Like I can go on to college and actually become more. But they can actually help me achieve my dream of becoming a doctor."

Another student with the district Cristian Quintanilla says, "I wasn't never very good at managing money. It was, burned a hole in my pocket when I first had it and stuff. But this shows me that there's that money just not isn't just there. It could be put to use in many different ways. And if you save it, it builds up interest and stuff."

Quintanilla is 16 years old and he wants to own his own business one day. With this program, he's learned how to save money to invest in his future. Quintanilla says, "I have a bank account that has a few probably $2,000 I think, somewhere around there. So help me pay for college." 

Hereford is working on becoming a part of this program. Junior Achievement is meeting with AISD next week to see how they can further expand it. 

Executive Director of the High Plains program Teresa Hillman says, "We hope to be able to expand to more schools, serve more students. Of course, that means we need more volunteers." If you're interested in becoming a volunteer, you can call (806) 355-0045 for more information.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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