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Google adding digital will option

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Amarillo, Texas  - We think about who to leave our home and other assets to after we've passed away, but what about our online accounts?

Many people have questioned what happens to our online accounts after we have passed. Google now has an answer for that.

"As you create emails, send emails, create pictures online, as you increase your digital presence that data gets stored somewhere and it becomes your digital profile," Andrew Brandt, owner of All-Star Computers says.

But does that ever go away when we are no longer here? The answer is no. Everything we do still remains online. But Google is making a change. They now offer an inactive account manager.

"It allows you to set up a beneficiary almost. So that, let's say your account does become inactive. You can leave it to someone else so that they can access those pictures, those contacts, those documents and emails you've created throughout your lifetime for needs in the future even with you gone," Brandt says.

Or you can choose to have all your files and accounts deleted after being inactive for a specified period of time.

Local attorneys say as the digital savvy generation ages, this is something to consider even adding to your will.

"I think it's just a progression of our world thinking of what do we do with this type of digital asset. I think it's good because I think that no information before, people would get into these situations where they don't know what to do with it. These accounts would just sit out there," Darin Mitchell, Estate and probate attorney says.

Mitchell says it's never too early to start planning for your will. Social media and online accounts are something to consider in that.

"it's just a matter of us asking the questions that we never really had to ask before such as, do you have YouTube accounts, do you have Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts. Things of that nature... photos that are stored online. And really just taking down more information so that we can imply that into the estate plan itself," Mitchell says.

The inactive account manager settings can be found under account settings on Google.