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Amarillo, CRMWA discuss water pipeline

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Amarillo, TX -- The Texas Panhandle has more than enough water to meet our needs for years to come - but distributing it presents an ongoing challenge.  A meeting this morning between Amarillo city officials and our area water authority delved into expanding our pipeline network. 

"CRMWA II," a pipeline from Roberts County to Potter County, would give several area cities better access to groundwater , easing the pressure to produce their own.  And with Lake Meredith no longer considered a viable source, virtually all of our water is groundwater.

"They're not able to take water from the lake, so what they've provided is solely from the Roberts County Well Field," says Amarillo City Manager Jarrett Atkinson.  "The allocations that we have this year are what we had last year, and with the expansions we've done with our local capacity, I think Amarillo is in excellent shape."

The Potter County Well Field was completed in September of 2011, and can supply Amarillo with up to 20 million gallons of water per day.  And the Roberts County Well Field supplies a significant portion of that.

"Amarillo receives about a forty percent share of the groundwater that CRMWA produces," explains Atkinson.  "For us in round numbers, that's about 26, 26 and a half million gallons a day that comes to Amarillo. That's water then, that helps us meet our needs and our future, and that's water that we don't have to produce out of our own locally owned well fields."@

CRMWA recently acquired 720 acres of additional groundwater rights, and has already allocated surplus funds for acquiring right-of-way where necessary.