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Possible solutions to Texas drought

Texas - The drought continues to cause problems across Texas.

Right now state officials are hard at work trying to find both short term and long term solutions.

Texas is currently suing neighboring states to get more water.

The United States Supreme Court is scheduled to hear arguments in about two weeks in one of the cases, in which the authority that supplies water to Fort Worth and surrounding communities is demanding more water from Oklahoma.

Texas has also accused New Mexico of taking more than its share of water from the Rio Grande.

The state is likewise arguing that under an international agreement, it is entitled to more water from Mexico.

Already the drought has led to consideration of expensive ideas, like piping water hundreds of miles from the Missouri River to the parched Colorado River Basin.

More Texas communities are also exploring the idea of storing water underground.

The technology reduces evaporation, is cheaper and faster to build than surface reservoirs.

Just recently the Texas House of Representatives recently voted to create a fund to finance water development and conservation projects.

They are also considering allocating $2 billion to jump-start it.

The state Senate is weighing a similar measure.

The state's water plan, released last year, recommends spending $57 billion over the next half-century to ensure there is enough water to go around.

It's expected that Texas's population of 26 million people will grow by 80 percent by 2060.

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