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Conference teaching school safety

Amarillo, Texas - A range of issues affecting today's youth could lead to school violence.

Issues from school shootings, to cyber-bullying and even drugs were discussed at The Bruce Beck Memorial Conference at Amarillo College today. Educators and area law enforcement came together to learn about the topic "School Safety: How to Prepare and Protect." Discussing these issues today's youth face, and teaching new ways to handle them is what organizers say the day was all about.

Amarillo College's TEACH Club was a sponsor of the event and hoped to also prepare and educate future teachers of these situations.

West Texas A&M professor, Amy Andersen, spoke on what her students are learning.

"Unfortunately violence in schools is a lot more prevalent than it used to be, and so we have to be prepared. We hope that it will never happen , but it could, and so we just have to be prepared. I tell my students, we aren't trying to scare you, we are trying to prepare you. So, that way they're prepared if something does happened at their school, then they know what to do to protect themselves and their students," Andersen says.

Organizers say learning to become a teacher doesn't just come from reading a textbook. Event's like today are important in learning how to keep today's children safe.

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