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Push for universal background checks for gun sales

Amarillo, Texas - There may be a change in background check requirements for gun sales.

VoteVets.org is one of the country's largest veterans groups. They currently are seeking signatures for their petition supporting universal background checks for gun sales.

The group says everyone who volunteers for the military must pass a background check before entering the service and handling a weapon, so all civilians should also meet that requirement. Background checks are not required in private sales of guns or often times at gun shows. Military background checks are also more thorough.

We asked local dealers if they thought background check requirements should be stricter.

"You know, I don't. I think it works for itself. It's not a problem. Usually when there's crimes that are being committed these are guns that weren't legally purchased by those people. You look at Chicago for one. I mean they have the highest crime rate in the United States and they have the strictest gun laws. I mean that kind of speaks for itself," David Erwin, owner of Erwin Pawn Inc. says.

The military has access to all records no matter if they are sealed or expunged, unlike what would come up from an FBI check.

The U.S. Senate is expected to vote on this issue in less than two weeks.

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