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Future of straight-ticket voting in Texas

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Amarillo, TX - Some Texas voters may have to cast their ballot differently in the future.

Most states do not allow straight-ticket voting, Texas is one of only fifteen states that still offers the option.

But it may not be offered for much longer.

That's because several proposals have been introduced this week and are seeking State Legislature approval.

One of those proposals is by Representative Dan Branch of Dallas, who seeks to eliminate straight-ticket voting all together.

Branch stresses that he wants to protect the most important base unit of Democracy from coercion and laziness.

Senator Dan Patrick of Houston wants to remove judicial races except county judge positions from straight-ticket voting.

Representative Cindy Burkett of Mesquite hopes to limit the convenience to top offices, asking Texans to vote individually on county and precinct races.

A recent study shows more than half of Texas voters use the option.

A record high of 64 percent of voters voted straight-ticket in 2012.

About 54 percent supported Republicans and 45 percent supported Democrats.

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