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Amarillo College program aims to help women get jobs

AMARILLO - There are hundreds of well-paying jobs available in the panhandle, but women aren't taking advantage of them. 

Amarillo College wants to change that by empowering women to see their full potential and go for jobs in traditionally male-dominated industries.

"Technical skilled trades pay more than unskilled trades," Amarillo College Marketing Coordinator M. J. Coats said.

Those who graduate from AC's technical programs usually end up with a steady, well-paying job.

Coats says there are nearly 700 students are enrolled in technical programs, but less than 100 of those students are women.

"These are non-traditional careers for women, but they are perfectly capable of doing them," Coats.

That's why AC is offering a free information session this coming Friday. The point of the program is to get women to the campus so they can picture themselves working in aviation and other male dominated industries.

Bob Gustin teaches machining technology. He had a long career in the automotive industry before coming to teach and says machinery a great trade for anyone looking stable, well-paying job.

"In the state of Texas, you got the oil industry, you got agriculture, we've got electronics, we've got automotive, heavy industries, we've got ship building. Every one of those trades requires machinists in there somewhere," Gustin said.

Gustin says his best students are usually single mothers. They're motivated, detail-oriented, and go on to make great employees.

Those are the kind of students the women in industry event aims to bring to ac and local employers.

"For single moms and for ladies that are struggling to pay the bills and for folks that are looking for a way up, a way out, coming and having a technical education is one of the best ways to do it," Coats said.

There are 20 spaces open for the free info session Friday. It starts at the Washington Street campus at 8 a.m. with a free breakfast. You register for the event by clicking here.

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