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Service Project for wheelchair playground in Pampa

Pampa, Texas - Two Pampa Junior High School students are hoping to make a change in the community with their service project.

Lauren and Jodi Pingel are sisters who attend Pampa Junior High School.

When Lauren was three, she was in a car accident, which left her in a wheelchair. Now, as part of a service project for the National Junior Honor Society, they are hoping to make a change in Pampa for the other kids in Lauren's situation.

"Because I wanted to give the kids a privilege to play on the playground that I never got to experience before," Lauren says.

So when they presented their project to their honor society sponsor, she knew this was something needed.

"I thought it was amazing that they would something that not only affected them, but that would affect our school and our community as well," Abbi Aderholt, Pampa Junior High School National Junior Honor Society sponsor says.

The girls made a YouTube video demonstrating the difficulties that Lauren as well as other in wheelchairs face while at playgrounds. She would often times be stopped by barriers keeping her away from the other children, or if she was able to be near the equipment, her chair would get stuck.

"It made me feel different," Lauren says.

They say they're doing this so other kids don't have to feel they are different.

"And so that they know the cause, and how people feel, and how Lauren felt, and so that they might want it in their neighborhood, too," Jodi says.

Their video can be found on YouTube,

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