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Water wise meetings provide water saving tips for spring

AMARILLO - Only about a dozen people showed up to Amarillo's first ever water wise info-session Monday, but Utilities Manager David Sanchez says "every drop counts."

So if those dozen actually use some of their tips, they'll consider that a success.

"Simple steps that we take for granted do go a long way," Sanchez said.

Simple steps like...

-Having sprinkler systems inspected to make sure they're not wasting water. The city has a list of contractors that will do the job for $90.
-Having soil tested to make sure it's not over fertilized. The Texas A&M AgriLife Extension office will do it for free.

-Measuring your sprinkler output with a tuna cans all over the yard to make sure the water cycle isn't running too long. A full can means an inch worth of water.

"I want to learn some new techniques and save water of course," Roxy Durbin said at Monday's session.

Durbin is planning to landscape her yard this spring. She says she now plans on planting some of the drought resistant plants the city recommends.

"I just want something that's going to live if it doesn't get much water," Durbin said.

A pamphlet handed out at the info session gave various examples trees, grasses, shrubs and flowers that thrive in the panhandle climate.

Durbin also plans to make some upgrades to her home irrigation system that the city will reimburse her for.

The city has a rebate program for those who install water sensors on their sprinkler systems that shut off water when it rains, or when the ground freezes.

You can also get money back on water barrels or other rainwater catching systems.

"The goal here is here is once again to conserve water," Sanchez said.

Earlier this year, the city sent letters to the highest water users in the city, offering a rebate if they had a contractor comes inspect their water systems.

"Many of them did, and it was simple fixes that saved gallons and gallons of water."

The city will hold other water meetings April 2nd at the Northwest Branch Library, April 4th at the Southwest Branch Library, April 6th at the Downtown Library, and April 7th at the North Library.

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