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Canyon renews water purchase agreement with Amarillo

Canyon, TX -- The City of Canyon will continue buying water from Amarillo for at least the next 20 years - and that's considered good news for both cities.

Since 1983, the city of Canyon has been supplementing its water supply by buying much of it from Amarillo.  And earlier this evening, Canyon city commissioners renewed that agreement until at least 2033.  Currently, the Canyon cannot provide all the water it needs, especially in the summer months - so they buy water from Amarillo.  Canyon uses an average of about two million gallons of water a day, and about a third of that comes from Amarillo.  And while buying water costs more than producing it, Canyon city manager Randy Criswell says it's a mutually beneficial arrangement.

"You really hate to have all of your eggs in one basket, so to speak, in regards to water," says Criswell.  "I know a lot of cities are not fortunate enough to have multiple sources, but I'll bet you that they wish they did.  It's a good thing for Amarillo; it makes them a little bit of money - you know, in the summertime, we buy quite a bit of water from them. But it's a good thing for Canyon too, because it gives us that extra source of water and that extra location where water's coming into the system."

And with the city of Canyon experiencing unprecedented growth, a new well field northeast of town will allow Canyon to be much more self-sufficient.

"We would be struggling in today's operation without the Amarillo water," says Director of Utilities Dan Reese, "but once we get the new wells out at our Rockwell Road field online and producing, that would take a lot of the burden off of our Amarillo source."

The new six-well well field is expected to be able to supply up to three million gallons a day and is scheduled for completion in about a year and a half.

If you'd like to see Canyon's most recently released water quality report or the budget for this biennium, follow the links attached to this story.

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