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New water source

Thousands of area residents can now look forward to a new source of water, which will also take pressure off a lake that's drying up.

Five area cities and several other communities depend on Lake Greenbelt which continues in a state of emergency.

Greenbelt Water Authority Director Gary Campbell says they've recently finished drilling five new wells and building pipelines to provide more water. The last step before they can start pumping is completing a 14 inch pipeline that will transport water from the wells in Clarendon to the treatment plant.

Campbell says, "The people have really tried to cut back on water usage, and they've done a good job. But people are concerned. I mean, everybody knows that lake is in bad shape." 25,000 people are depending on Lake Greenbelt, but in about three weeks the wells are expected to supply a third of their water by providing about a million gallons a day.

However, the director says on average they need about three and a half million a day. So they're currently working on drilling another four wells and continuing to look at other options to increase supply.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.

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