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First Lady of Texas visits panhandle

Texas' First Lady visits the panhandle. Anita Perry is committed to opening more doors for women, nurses, and businesses. 

Given Perry has an extensive nursing background with a master's degree and about 20 years working in departments from pediatrics to administration, we asked her about improving healthcare in Texas. Perry says, "I'm one of those who doesn't agree with sending our federal dollars to Washington. And then I think they ought to be relocated back to the state."

Her efforts have raised more than $40,000 worth of scholarships for WT nursing students over the past decade. Department Head Helen Reyes says, "Because more students can go to school, and because they're helped financially, that means that we'll have more nurses out there working. We'll have really good qualified nurses."

She has also created a one day event called Texas Conference for Women to educate and empower thousands across the state. Perry says, "It really gives women a day to just work within themselves, and to network. And to find what is good for them."

Perry spoke in Childress Thursday kicking off the city's Main Street Program for revitalization and tourism. She says, "It's an economy booster, it provides money, tourism dollars. It provides jobs. It's also to me one of the greatest benefits, it brings the community together."

She hopes to continue providing more opportunities to Texans.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10. 

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