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Conference to battle against child abuse

Amarillo, Texas - Child abuse cases in the panhandle have gone down, but still remain among the highest in the state, according to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services.

The 13th Annual Child Abuse Prevention Conference was held Thursday to better understand where abuse comes from and how to cope with it. Two key speakers discussed the topics "Youth in Crisis" and "Bridges Out of Poverty."

Speaker Regina Lewis, Ph.D says child abuse happens at every socio-economic level. Many abused children don't speak up, so learning the signs of abuse are important.

"If we can understand that this is what's happening in the home, because often times there's not a voice for these children who are being abused. And if we are more aware, we can look at the signs what is actually going on and be able to intervene much quicker than we have in the past," Lewis says.

The Texas Department of Family and Protective Services reports, in the state of Texas 77 percent of abusers are parents.

Those in attendance also learned how to better communicate with youth to help them overcome abuse.

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