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Potter County Well Field project progresses

Amarillo, TX - The Potter County Well Field is just waiting on a few finishing touches to complete the four-year investment.

On Tuesday (Mar. 26), city commissioners approved what will likely be the final expense to wrap up the $86 million project - and that means Amarillo's water needs will be met for the foreseeable future.

In 2008, the Potter County Well Field was designed to provide a reliable source of water to shift away from a dwindling Lake Meredith.  The well field started up operations in September of 2011, as record-low water levels at Lake Meredith continued falling even lower.

"The timing was just excellent because of the fact that Lake Meredith went to zero," recalls Emmett Autrey, the city's Director of Utilities, "Had we not had this water supply, that could have been a very serious matter for the city."

The well field consists of 21 wells, and provides about twenty million gallons of water per day to Amarillo.  During last year's continuing drought conditions, Amarillo's water usage peaked at a record 92 million gallons in one day. And while the well field was running at full capacity, between all of our water sources, we still kept up with the demand.

"When we have another heavy heat drought year again - let's hope that's a long time off - we'll still be able to certainly meet those demands," says Autrey.

The project was funded by low-interest loans from the Texas Water Development Board, which are being paid back through revenue from our utility bills.

Our current water usage in Amarillo is hovering around 35 million gallons of water a day, which is very near the city's goal.

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