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Maintenance man becomes successful inventor, entrepreneur

AMARILLO - Hard work and a little creativity; that's what it takes to become a small business owner in the panhandle according to one local inventor.

The Rendon Quick Tool is a device that extracts sprinkler heads from the ground quickly and without ruining grass or turf.

Its creator, Danny Rendon, never thought an idea he had to save time on a job would turn into the patent-pending product it is today.

"I am the first entrepreneur in my family," Danny said.

Danny is a maintenance man for the First Baptist Church of Amarillo. In 2008, he was told to remove all 30 sprinkler heads from a field outside the church.

"I got to the fifth one and I thought there has to be an easier or faster way to do this," Danny said.

His easy fix for the job is now the Rendon Quick Tool, a time and money saver those working on sprinkler systems. KEA Innovations sells a version for contractors, and one for home-owners.

So far it's had great feedback. Danny says he's sold them to the parks and recreation departments of Amarillo, Lubbock, and Levelland and to several area contractors.

"Every time I show it to someone it's 'man that is a great idea, you got that patented right,' yeah I've got it patented," Danny said.

But the success didn't come without hard work. Family members invested money for materials, a patent lawyer, business licenses and more.
Meanwhile Danny's wife, Angelina, is a full-time grandma and baby sitter, while learning to run a business.

"I had to learn to be an accountant and a receptionist. I have to follow the books, keep up with the checks. It's a lot but there's people out there that can help you," Angelina said.

Angelina says the business wouldn't be possible without the help of the State Comptrollers office and Happy State Bank's small business course.

The family is hopeful the business will be profitable so Danny can quit working multiple jobs, and they can start giving back to the community that's helped them prosper.

"I watch Duck Dynasty a lot," Danny said. "It didn't change them. Their richness didn't change them. I want to be like that."

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