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Cold spring weather killing plants

Amarillo, Texas - Recent colder temperatures have taken a toll on many plants. Although it is now spring, our temperatures don't always reflect that here in the panhandle. The roller coaster weather leaves plants taking a beating.

Many plants in our area didn't make it through this weekend's snow fall. The periods of warm weather we've had have caused much of the plant life to bloom and get ready for spring. But area plant experts say the up and down temperatures cause stress for plants. Much like humans, this can cause them to "get sick" and even die

"Plants feel the effects of this as far as a stressful condition just the way we would and react accordingly. Wait until Mother's Day to put out your plants that aren't cold hearty. You should be pretty safe from any frost after that," Brandon Boughen, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension says.

But there are ways to still protect your garden. Heavy watering before a freeze will help plants that are outside. Covering what can't be brought in with plastic will help insulate and keep them warm.

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