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Public office eligibility could change soon

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New efforts are in place to make sure people who take office are law abiding individuals.

Texas District 87 Representative Four Price says he is introducing a bill to give residents more confidence in elected officials.

House Bill 728 had a hearing Monday before the Elections Committee. In addition to prohibiting convicted felons from running for public office, this bill would also bar those with deferred adjudication for a felony.

Price says an example in our area is when a person ran for city council in Skellytown and was a registered sex offender. That individual had a sentence for deferred adjudication for one or more charges.

He says, "There was quite a bit of outcry regarding, you know, whether or not the election code should bar an individual who's not only convicted of a felony, but one who has served a sentence of deferred adjudication."

If the person completes deferred adjudication successfully by having a clean record throughout the period of time they were given, they would no longer be able to run for public office with this bill.

The bill is awaiting a vote from the committee for a potential vote on the house floor.

Jessica Abuchaibe, NewsChannel 10.