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Proposed bill to regulate used tire sells

Amarillo, Texas - You might soon see fewer used tires on the racks the next time you purchase tires. A proposed Senate bill aims to keep Texas drivers safe out on the roads by regulating used tire sales.

Senate bill 459 would prohibit the sale of unsafe used tires that pose a significant risk to motorists.

Today we set out to find out more about used tires and their potential dangers.

The Rubber Manufacturers Association says many used tires sold in Texas are unsafe to drive on. They will testify in favor of Senate bill 459 to prohibit the sale of those tires.

But what makes a used tire dangerous...

"Lack of tread. If there's unresolved issues on the inside. Holes that haven't been patched. Or if the tire was run flat it will cut the inner liner to a point it is unsafe to try to air it up," Montie Townsend, store manager at York Tire says.

Townsend says they don't sell many used tires at their store. A lot of that has to do with the availability of finding tires that are good enough to sell.

"We screen them all the time. We don't sell a lot of used tires, but we do our best to make sure that they have plenty of tread, and you know. But there are some companies that really don't check 'em and they'll sell you whatever they have," Townsend says.

Dulaney Auto and Truck Parts also has used tires available. Owner Linda Pitman says they mostly sell their tires wholesale to other dealers. But those that they sell are checked to ensure they are in drive-able condition.

"More importantly than that we don't want to see the consumers get hurt," Pitman says.

Pitman says those who sell these tires without going through safety precautions hurt the industry.

"I can see it being a draw back to the legitimate person trying to sell," Pitman says.

A hearing for the bill is set for Wednesday in Austin.

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