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"God, Guns & the Constitution" town hall meeting

Amarillo, TX - Our nation has become highly politicized in recent months, with gun control and the economy taking center stage in the American mindset.

And one man says all we have to do to solve these issues - is look to the heavens.

William Owens, Jr. is the son of a pastor and the driving force behind a movement that seeks to re-introduce Christian values in government.  And Friday evening (Mar. 22), he made a stop in Amarillo for the second in a series of town hall meetings in west Texas.

According to Owens, our country is veering off the path our founding fathers forged for it, getting lost in secularism and government overreach.  "God, Guns, & The Constitution" pushes to initiate thought, discussion, and ultimately, action, to reverse that trend.

"So many people have soundbites, but they're not quite informed about the historical perspective of guns," says Owens. "They're not quite understanding how God plays a dynamic into this, and how the Constitution closes it beautifully."

In January, President Obama addressed the nation concerning the Second Amendment and his administration's gun control initiatives.

"Like most Americans, I believe the Constitution guarantees an individual right to bear arms," stated Obama. "We have a strong tradition of gun ownership in this country, and the vast majority of gun owners act responsibly. But I also believe that most gun owners agree that we can respect the Second Amendment while keeping an irresponsible, law-breaking few from causing harm on a massive scale."

Owens contends that the answer lies not in policy, but in prayer and constitutional conservatism, saying, "I think we need to use these concepts to not change the direction of our country, but to keep the path that our country has been on for two hundred years."

If you'd like to learn more about Owens' perspective or the Obama administration's gun control policies, just follow the links attached to this story.

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