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Flood safety awareness week

Amarillo, Texas - Amarillo is prone to flooding during heavy rainfall. It's commonly seen among several Amarillo streets.

Monday kicked off Flood Safety Awareness Week.

Bell and 45th is a common area that floods. Although water in the streets may look OK to drive through, often times it's not.

Part of the awareness week is to educate residents how to be prepared for flooding. National Weather Service officials say knowing areas that are known to flood suddenly is important.

NWS Meteorologist, Lance Goehring, says many areas of the city are set up so drainage water flows down the streets. Driving through these areas however is not safe during flooding.

"We've had many reports of high water rescues when we've had flash flooding in the city of Amarillo. There will be nights where there may be upwards of 15 high water rescues perhaps on a very bad night and stuff, definitely," Goehring says.

Two feet of rushing water can carry away most vehicles. If you are out during heavy rainfall, you are encouraged not to try to pass through these flooded areas. Turn around and find another route.

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