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National Weather Service preps public for severe weather season

As we reach the end of our winter season, that also means we're growing closer to entering severe weather season.

Saturday, the National Weather Service hosted a Severe Weather Workshop at the Amarillo Civic Center. They invited various agencies including the American Red Cross, the Amarillo Potter/Randall Office of Emergency Management, as well as some of our own local meteorologists to come out and share information and demonstrations about severe weather season. Around 300 people made it out to the show. Officials with the National Weather Service say it's great to share this information with both adults and children so everyone knows how to respond in the event of severe weather.

"We haven't really had any severe weather in the past two years," said Krissy Scotten, NWS Coordination Meteorologist. "So, we don't want the public to become complacent, like tornados can't happen in the Panhandle, so we want them to stay safe, know what to do and have a plan."

The official start of tornado season is now less than a month away. It begins April 15th and lasts two whole months, ending June 15th.

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