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St. Patrick's Day Celebration brings big bucks to Shamrock

People from across the United States are coming by the thousands to spend the weekend in one small, area community.

The celebration kicked off Friday, and the town of Shamrock certainly looked the part -- green signs, green streamers, and even green fire hydrants. But there's another kind of "green" Shamrock is looking forward to this weekend, and it's not the decorations.

Shamrock's been "going green" on this weekend for more than 60 years now, each year growing bigger and better.

"We have people from all of the United States, we have people come up from Georgia and Florida, south Texas and New Mexico," said Shamrock Mayor, Buc Weatherby. "We have people come in from California on their little sojourn that they go on every year."

On Saturday, the small town of around only 2,000 people swells to 15,000 to 20,000 people., shoulder to shoulder crowds line Main Street for the annual St. Patrick's Day Parade.

Bringing with them an estimated $250,000 economic boost for Shamrock.

"It impacts the restaurants, the motels, the downtown retail stores, it impacts just about everybody," said Judy Campbell, Chairman for the St. Patrick's Day Association.

Fortune that's helped Shamrock dodge the economic dip and fame, after recent recognition from the state, that may keep St. Patrick's Day patrons coming back to Shamrock for years to come.

"That proclamation makes Shamrock Texas the official St. Patrick's Day Celebration for the entire State of Texas," said Mayor Weatherby. "You can bet your you-know-what that we're going to market the heck out of that."

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