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Area family receives gift to help keep home safe

Miguel Morales Miguel Morales

Amarillo, TX - An area family received a gift that will help make their home safer.

This is the second year for Window World to have their "Gives Back Program."

Their goal is to give back to the community by installing free windows inside the home of one lucky family every year.

The Morales family was selected out of several nominations.

The dedication Miguel Morales has for his family is what window world felt made him most deserving.

"The key thing that stood out for him was that basically he was kind of a struggling father, single father with young kids and trying to make ends meet. This just seemed like the right thing to do to brighten his life," says Kevin Tubbs, Window World.

The new windows will eliminate some of the risks that were present before.

"One key risk in a situation like this is that you have very old wood windows that are swollen, they've been stuck. They've been painted together too many times. Frankly it's a fire hazard. In a situation where you have an emergency, you couldn't actually get out because the windows wouldn't be able to open," says Kevin Tubbs, Window World.

This is a risk in many homes in our area.

With Morales' two little boys running around the home, new windows will also make a better environment for them.

"It's a good feeling knowing it's going to help with their allergies, dust or anything coming in. Also the heating and cooling, that way the temperature is a little bit better inside there also because the wind does hit straight from the north," says Miguel Morales, Window World giveaway winner.

It's also a more cost-efficient option; with a savings anywhere from 20 to 40 percent on heating and cooling costs.

Which is something that Morales says he's grateful for.

"This is an amazing, amazing gift so I'm very grateful and honored that we were chosen for it," says Miguel Morales, Window World giveaway winner.

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