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Miami installs new landing zone for oil and gas fields

Miami, TX -- It's no secret that oil work is dangerous work - and the fact that most rigs are far outside of town means ambulances can't always get to them in time.  So now the city of Miami is working to rectify that problem.

When you think of oil and gas in the Texas panhandle, a few area towns come to mind - and Miami is probably near the top of the list.  And working in oil fields carries quite a bit of risk - so in 2011, the city approved the construction of a landing zone to airlift injured workers in an emergency.

"The oil and gas industry is an extremely hazardous industry," says Roberts County Judge Vernon H. Cook, "and we make a lot of emergency medical runs out here for rig injuries and that kind of thing, and they're excited that it's available to help their people, and we are too."

A local rancher offered up his land, and the companies who operate in the area chipped in the lion's share of the cost to build the Flowers Ranch LZ.

And the LZ isn't meant for just emergencies - corporate aircraft can fly investors and executives in and out, which could promote expanded operations in the area.

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